Always Come Home to La Casita.

**Award Winning GO Texan Salsa**

  • Dallas Salsa Fest Winner 2014
  • HEB Quest for Texas Best Finalist 2015
  • Zest Fest Fiery Food Winner 2016
  • World Hot Sauce Salsa Winner 2016
  • Go Texan Big As Texas Award 2016 - State Fair of Texas
  • Chile Pepper Magazine 2016 - Mild/Medium Winner
  • The Flave Awards 2017 - Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot Winner
  • Minority Owned/Woman Owned Business 2016 - Endorsed by North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency

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How La Casita Started

Latest Article from about La Casita Hot Sauce, January 2018.

It all started in a kitchen in San Benito, Texas. My grandmother, or abuela, Emilia Salinas, was known for her great cooking and expertise in canning fresh produce. La Casita Hot Sauce was created in my own kitchen following my grandmother's and mother's commitment to cooking with the freshest available produce and traditional family recipes. The taste of La Casita Hot Sauce recalls memories of fresh, homemade meals, laughter, and love. The La Casita Hot Sauce recipe is a family tradition that we hope will come to be served for generations on your family table. Always remember to come home to La Casita Hot Sauce!
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Nutrition Facts About La Casita Hot Sauce

You might think that all salsas, or hot sauces are the same, but they are not. La Casita Hot Sauce is quite different because we use fresh produce. Many other salsas claim the same thing, but the nutritional labels don't lie. Since La Casita is made with fresh produce, not fresh out of a can produce, our Sodium level is considerably lower than most other salsas. 
Here is our Sodium breakdown:
  • Abuela's Mild: 180/mg 
  • Original Recipe Medium: 160/mg
  • Caliente Extra Hot: 150/mg
We are a farm to table, fresh produce salsa that is gluten free, all natural, and simply the best tasting GoTexan™ salsa around!

Serrano Pepper Heat Level:
La Casita Hot Sauce uses fresh Serrano Peppers, and the heat levels may change from batch to batch. As a commitment to serve you fresh hot sauce, we do not add Capsaicin Oils to increase heat levels. 

Did you know that the Serrano Pepper is considered to be a hotter pepper than the Jalapeño? 
Here is a link to peppers listed on the Scoville Scale. Your Hot Pepper Haven

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